GRISS – Geospatial Research Institute Seminar Series

The Geospatial Research Institute Seminar Series (GRISS) is a monthly seminar series with guest presentations detailing the use of geospatial technologies in various industries and sectors.
We host these presentations each month on the University of Canterbury campus.
Anyone interested in attending may come in person or view the presentations online via Zoom

For seminars that our presenters have allowed us to record, we have recordings available. These can be found on the Geospatial Research Institute YouTube channel. The link can be found to the side.

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Geospatial Research Seminar Series (GRISS) – 26 November 2021

Speaker: Dr. Philipp Sueltrop, CTO Kea Aerospace

The Geospatial Research Institute is pleased to host Dr. Philipp Sueltrop.

Philipp is the Chief Technology Officer of the Christchurch-based company Kea Aerospace. Besides leading the technical development team of the unmanned solar-powered aircraft Kea Atmos, he considers himself as a technology explorer combining his passion for aerospace engineering that can provide the means for advantageous scientific, civil and commercial contributions.

Geospatial Research Seminar Series (GRISS) – 29 October 2021 – Recorded

The Geospatial Research Institute is pleased to host Prof. Richard Green.
Since 2004 Professor Richard Green has been lecturing in computer science at the University of Canterbury after running his own successful 50 staff software company in Sydney (sold to a multinational). With over 200 refereed publications, Richard heads the Computer Vision Research Lab…