Geospatial Research in Industry

Geospatial Research Seminar Series (GRISS)




Peter Shaw

Engineering Director,

Cloud (Geospatial)

Trimble Inc.

Peter is an Engineering Director at Trimble, coming from a background of software development and engineering science. He is currently responsible for Trimble Geospatial’s Cloud Software delivery.


Seminar Summary:

In this seminar, Peter Shaw will be giving an overview of areas of interest at Trimble, particularly, their ongoing pursuit of increased accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in positioning techniques (including mitigation against space weather/ionospheric effects) and the application of AI to Geospatial problems.


Thursday  26th October 2023
Ernest Rutherford 263 | University of Canterbury or Online via Zoom

  • Refreshments & Networking:  12:30-1:00 pm
  • Seminar:   1:00-2:00 pm


All are welcome!



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