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The Geospatial Research Institute Toi Hangarau provides a unique opportunity for all branches of the geospatial community to communicate and collaborate on new ideas and directions in this exciting industry. This institute aims to bring togeteher Iwi, business, government and researchers to better serve the geospatial needs of New Zealand, allowing us to deliver to the world, new and ground breaking research and technology.

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Doctoral Scholarship: Urban Planning and Māori Development
This doctoral scholarship aims to promote the development of research in Māori development and urban planning in New Zealand. The aim of this project is to advance current planning frameworks through a better integration of Mātauranga Māori, and indigenous perspectives in urban design, planning, and in the processes of decision-making and community engagement. The project is part of a MBIE- funded programme entitled ‘Map-based tools for community and Rūnanga-led sustainable town planning in small and medium settlements in New Zealand’, which focuses the co-creation of tools to enable the integration of Māori perspectives and knowledge, and other forms of local knowledge, in local planning processes in the Waimakariri and Rotorua. This research programme is a collaboration between the Department of Geography and the Geospatial Research Institute at the University of Canterbury.
The doctoral project will be based in Christchurch. This PhD student is expected to be part of a team with other researchers to support the progress of the research project ‘Map-based tools for Community & Rūnanga-led sustainable town planning in small and medium settlements in New Zealand’, through the development of individual research for the doctoral dissertation within the topic of Māori development and town planning in New Zealand.
Please note that UC's Scholarships Office only advertises this scholarship is therefore unable to answer any enquiries. Any questions regarding the research project or PhD scholarship should be directed to Dr Rita Dionisio (rita.dionisio@canterbury.ac.nz). 

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