31 Mar Senior Lecturer and research fellow at the GeoHealth Laboratory Dr Matthew Hobbs makes the news talking about his research in the prevalence of non-fluoride toothpaste use in New Zealand

See Dr Hobbs interview at Breakfast morning news show here:   Does your toothpaste have flouride in it?A new paper by University of Canterbury's Dr Matt Hobbs found many New Zealanders are using non-flouride toothpaste putting them at higher risk of tooth decay. Posted by…


21 May GRI Seminar, 31 May 2019: Data-Driven Space

Assoc. Prof. Tony Moore – School of Surveying, University of Otago, Dunedin   The spatial data that underpin the maps we see are often compromised by the limited space for them in the map. For example, a large amount of features have to be mapped in cities but there is…