03 Jan Data processing for flood risk assessments

Project summary   Alongside the uncertainty research, the GRI is working with NIWA to help produce consistent, open-source methodology for the national flood risk assessments. The methods developed are guided by a number of physically-based flood inundation modelling efforts that have been attempted internationally both... READ MORE

03 Jan Uncertainties in flood risk assessments

Project summary   Flooding is one of New Zealand’s most damaging hazards. This research programme is supporting the changes that are needed to our flood risk management. The overall aim of the programme is to provide the first, high-resolution flood hazard assessment for every catchment... READ MORE

03 Jan Digital Twin Digital Twin for Flood Resilience

Currently the front end to the digital twin enables a 3D visualisation of flood water elevation level against buildings and other infrastructure; in this example, buildings coloured red if the flood level is above a selected threshold. The front end also enables scenarios to be... READ MORE