Smoked Out: The Spatial Variation of Vape Retailer Provision in New Zealand

September 5-6, 2023

Submitted to
The Fourth Spatial Data Science Symposium

Waterman, I., Marek, L., Ahuriri-Driscoll, A., Mohammed, J., Epton, M., Hobbs, M.


We know little about the spatial patterning of e-cigarette retailers, particularly their socio-spatial patterning around schools. We obtained the nationwide vape retail locations from the Specialist Vape Retailers register, New Zealand. We identified the prevalence of vape retailers and their spatial distribution by area-level deprivation, ethnicity by Statistical Area 2 and around schools using descriptive and spatial statistics. Inequities by deprivation and ethnicity were identified overall and especially around schools. We highlight a novel contemporary form of inequity in terms of access to vape retailers by both deprivation and ethnicity which is especially important for Pasifika People.


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