Analysis of New Zealand daily weather patterns (DWTs) and large-scale climatic patterns as extreme rainfall and flooding drivers 

Research team Andrea Pozo, Matthew Wilson, Marwan Katurji, Fernando Méndez, Emily Lane Summary The overall aim of this research project is the generation of flood inundation maps for a specific study site, namely the Wairewa catchment (Little River, Canterbury) for the benefit of community stakeholders. To this end, accurate analysis and characterization of extreme rainfall […]

Advancing efficiencies in remote sensing of Ross Sea Adélie penguin populations

Research Team Alexandra Strang, Dean Anderson, Esme Robinson, Grant Ballard, Annie Schmidt, David Ainley, Kerry Barton, Fiona Shanhun, Rebecca Macneil, Elissa Cameron, Michelle LaRue Project Aim Identify an objective method to assess guano area characteristics over the 2009-2021 austral summers for four colonies, to improve this tool toward better assessment of population changes.   Click […]