Geospatial Research Seminar Series (GRISS)

Using FME Software for data integration and analysis


The Geospatial Research Institute is pleased to host John Kreft, a Senior Engineer in WSP, United Kingdom. John will present a seminar, followed by a 2-hour introductory workshop on FME software.


Room 263, Ernest Rutherford Building


  • Networking lunch:  12:30-13:00
  • Seminar:   13:00-14:00
  • Workshop:   14:30-16:30


All are welcome!


FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a simple solution for complex data integration and analysis tasks. It allows data transformation from a wide variety of formats, connections between hundreds of applications (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS, PostGIS, Trimble SketchUp, AutoCAD and many others), automation of workflows in data manipulation and analysis, and is fully geospatially enabled. These capabilities has made it the software of choice for numerous organisations that deal with complex sets of data across a wide variety of sectors.


Come and see for yourself, with this free seminar and hands-on introductory training workshop.


Further information on FME can be found at


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