Geospatial Research Seminar Series (GRISS) – 29 October 2021 – Recorded

Geospatial Research Seminar Series (GRISS)

Sub-mm 3D Semantic Models of Plants over Large Areas


Prof. Richard Green UC

The Geospatial Research Institute is pleased to host Prof. Richard Green.


Since 2004 Professor Richard Green has been lecturing in computer science at the University of Canterbury after running his own successful 50 staff software company in Sydney (sold to a multinational). With over 200 refereed publications, Richard heads the Computer Vision Research Lab with an emphasis on autonomous robot vision/deep learning (robots/drones/underwater robots) and analysing human movement. Richard has led (as PI) successful MBIE projects, including an autonomous robot-vine-pruner project and an autonomous forest-pruning-drone project – and now leads a $10m project for drones using precision tools – and also leads Research Aims in six other externally funded projects.


There is vast plant data beyond the traditional birds-eye-view of remote sensing. Our research is interested in the petabytes of data per farm (such as orchards or vineyards) from sub-mm under-canopy/underwater proximal sensing. Challenges include generating accurate 3D semantic models of each plant, 3D reconstruction of constantly moving seaweed and wind-blown leaves, storing/accessing petabytes of data/models, under-canopy data improving remote-sensing information, instance segmentation of multi-storied forests, etc. This talk will cover these and other challenges involved in eight current externally funded projects.



Friday 29 October 2021
Room 263, Ernest Rutherford Building or Online via Zoom

  • Networking lunch:  12:30-13:00
  • Seminar:   13:00-14:00


All are welcome!







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