Faculty of Health and Deputy Director of Geohealth Laboratory, University of Canterbury Matt Hobbs to be Keynote Speaker at NZDA

The New Zealand Dental Association will have its annual conference on August 23rd and 24th, 2024 in Christchurch. It will feature UC Senior Lecturer (Above the Bar) in Public Health, Dr Matt Hobbs as a keynote speaker. Dr Hobbs’ talk will demonstrate how the GeoHealth Laboratory helped create the first national public drinking water dataset. It will also discuss recent efforts to delineate fluoride levels in drinking water supplies across New Zealand using advanced geospatial methods. Finally, it will then proceed to discuss compliance within the recommended fluoride levels in fluoridated areas of New Zealand and highlight how community water fluoridation access and compliance may be inequitable for some of our population who may need it the most. For more visit: https://www.nzdaconference.org.nz/

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